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What to Look For

Look For This In a Quality Shed

  • A beefy, heavy duty floor that will not rot:
    • Use pressure treated 2 X 6's.  This will handle just about any load and will not rot.
    • Use 3/4" plywood instead of OSB.   OSB is more prone to swelling around the edges if it ever gets wet.
  • Look for 16" O.C. (on center) studs as many sidings require this and they increase structure stability.
  • The shed should be well-designed, but not OVER-DESIGNED.  That just adds additional expense for no reason.
    • Un-insulated storage sheds don't really need the added expense of dual pane windows.  Single pane is fine.
    • Ridge beams are strong, but they cost more so why use that approach when trusses will more than do the job.
    • Soffits add expense and aren't typically needed on a storage shed.


Factors That Affect Pricing

Price is always based on 4 things:

  • Material and Labor Costs - every company has these and it changes with the shed design and the number of options/upgrades you want.
  • Overhead - the amount of additional bills the company owner has to cover.  For example, trucks, insurance, rents on pre-assembly sites for larger companies.
  • Desired profit - this changes with the size of the company.  Smaller, owner operated businesses where the owner is directly involved (instead of hiring help) may be able to charge less.

So the bottom line here is, if you can find a shed that has been designed effectively and you limit your upgrades you'll get a better deal.


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Who We Are

I'm an old IT guy that worked for a couple of large software companies here in the Bay Area.  Two-and-a-half years ago I started building sheds as Atlas Shed and I've never looked back.  Yep... I went from "high tech" to "low tech".       

All our sheds come standard with:

  • The Floor -  it's beefy.  We use Pressure Treated 2 X 6's for the joist system and 3/4" plywood for the shed floor.  This floor will literally support tons of weight and it won't rot.  And if your over 50… this floor will probably last longer than you will.
  • The Walls - are framed 16" O.C., just like your house and sided with LP Smartside, which has a prorated 50 year warranty.  16" O.C. framing is a requirement for the siding warranty, so it always surprises me when I see some of our competition using 24" O.C.
  • Not OVER Designed - our shed is WELL designed, but not OVER designed.  Here's what this means for you:
    • Many Bay Area sheds use posts with ridge beams to support the roof.  That's overkill because we don't have snow loads here that require support like that.  Our sheds are designed to use trusses and they are more than capable of doing the job.  These are much simpler and quicker to install than ridge beams and that in turn saves you money.
    • When it comes to windows, many shed builders use Jeld Wen dual pane windows or similar.  Those are good windows, but why spend the money for dual pane in a completely un-insulated shed?  The windows won't help keep the temp down so why spend the money?  We use attractive single pane windows.
    • The roof lines of sheds in the Bay Area all look the same.  They typically have a soffit and large 1X6 or 2X6 fascia.  We've opted to go with a more streamlined look that has a simple 4" overhang on all sides.  This small change will save you lots of money on materials and labor AND still provide for an attractive style.

We know that our sheds will last you a very long time.

And on top of that we're a small local company and you're always talking to the owner, not an employee that has no power to make decisions on the spot.  

I am personally on ALL of our jobs.  I might be the oldest shed builder in the Bay Area:)   All of this leads to great customer service.

Next Steps

If you have questions or if you think you're ready to start your shed project -  Just call or text us.  Or you can ask your question on our Contact page.

** I am usually building sheds during the day so please expect an evening return call if I don't answer.

What Others Are Saying

Nina Drucker

Roy is such a nice guy. He and his team built us a sophisticated modern shed to match our house perfectly. He also advised as to where we should locate the shed on our property and I’m very glad we listened to him. Roy also showed us some options for windows and doors so that we could customize. We wanted a big window on the side and it was no problem at all. I highly recommend him.

Joe Abbate

The Atlas team built two beautiful sheds for us within a week as promised and at the exact estimated price. I'd recommend Atlas to anyone shopping for a shed. I was very impressed with the personalized service of Roy and his crew. A+

Eric Parker

I highly recommend Atlas Shed. Roy and his team are highly attentive with excellent follow through. Great team to do business with. Will use them again without question. Terrific quality.

S. Howard

We are very pleased with our Atlas Shed. Roy's communication, follow through and diligence were excellent. He completed our shed sooner than expected. He came back multiple times to problem solve and finished a beautiful, sturdy, nicely finished shed. We strongly recommend Atlas Shed and would use them again.

Joel Wood

Roy and his team were fantastic to work with. We wanted to a little shorter of a shed, and Tuff Shed couldn't do it. Roy talked us through the measurements and we ended up with exactly the shed we wanted.

Jackie P.

I am so pleased with my shed that Atlas Shed built for me.  Roy (the owner) came to do my estimate and helped design the perfect shed giving the tight space I had.  He communicated his timeline with me through both e-mail and texts and was originally going to start and then the "Shelter In Place" occurred.  A couple months later when he was allowed to work again he contacted me to start my project only I was concerned that large weeds had grown in the area he would have to work.  He brought his weed wacker and cleared the area and began work.  Roy and his son built a very "high end" shed.  This is not something you can order online and put together on a Saturday.  My shed fit perfectly in the small space I had and looks like it will last as long as the house.  He also painted it to match.  Very nice!