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Gable Style

Here at Atlas, we like to keep things simple so we offer two styles of sheds. The first is a "Gable" style. These have the typical "A-frame" shape and are our biggest sellers.

Lean-To Style

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The second kind of shed we offer is a "Lean-To" style. These usually go up against houses or fences and can fit into tight spaces. We offer both of these styles in many different heights and sizes. Windows, extra doors, shutters, ramps and other accessories can be added as needed.  So - lots of pre-designed models aren't needed.

Next Steps

If you have questions or if you think you're ready to start your shed project -  Just call or text us.  Or you can ask your question on our Contact page.

** I am usually building sheds during the day so please expect an evening return call if I don't answer.